Vinum XL Cabernet Pay 3 Get 4
Vinum XL Cabernet Pay 3 Get 4
Lead crystal, machine made.
This value set includes 4 x Vinum XL Cabernet glasses, for the price of only 3, saving you $79.95.
Vinum XL (2009) is a grand extension on Riedel’s Vinum. Developed for big, bold wines, Vinum XL’s oversized dimensions add theatre and excitement to everyday wine drinking. They offer ample breathing space for young wines, and allow more mature wines to unveil their multi-layered bouquets, delivering the full range of aromas.
This glass excels in the flawlessly blending together the wine's aromas and flavours, bringing to light brilliant concentration, whilst harmonising the intense sweet dark red fruit, integrating the tannins and masking the alcohol. Georg Riedel has said: For me, this is the new benchmark glass when it comes to the enjoyment of young wines composed of the Bordeaux varietals.
All Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe.
Pack of 4
by Riedel

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